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Pottermore videos

J.K.Rowling Announces Pottermore.

Harry Potter Theme Park

Is the amusement park magical world of Harry Potter, where you can stroll through the Hogwarts castle magic and sorcery. 
You can also visit other places like Hogsmeade, and drink his famous butterbeer.
The world of Harry Potter

Get on fun attractions and discover the world of Harry Potter.

You can also visit the online world of Pottermore page where you will discover the story of Harry, to that house had belonged barite or you have touched. Also can perform spells and potions, it's great. 

What do you expect to go?

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J.K Rowling

In the dedication Rowling puts it: "For my beautiful daughter Mackenzie, the twin brother of ink and paper." This dedication is that Rowling became pregnant with her third child while I was writing the book and often joked about what would come before the world.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 in the small British town of Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol, southwest of the island. Due to the work of his father, Peter, an engineer at Rolls-Royce company married to Anne, a Scottish with French roots, his family had to relocate several times during the infancy of Jo and Di small, loving family appellations of future novelist and her younger sister, Dianne.

After a brief stay in Yate, they moved to Winterbourne, always without departing from the suburbs of Bristol, environment in which the first memories of imaginative girl who spent hours sharing dreams and fantasies with her sister were forged. Early reader and writer, enthusiastic amateur to devour novels for adults, six years he devised a rabbit that had the honor of being the first hero in a story titled Rabbit.

In Winterbourne girls made friends with the neighborhood; one of them was named Ian Potter. Amateur adopt strange names for the characters and places of his novels, many years after Joanne borrowed that name to give life to his famous character. When Jo was nine years, Rowling made her dream and moved to a rural area called Gwent County Forest of Dean, core population near Chepstow, where the two sisters discovered the pleasure of playing in the green fields next British river Wye.

Once graduated Wyedean, Joanne K. Rowling enrolled at the University of Exeter, where, following his father's advice, he studied French in order to then find a good job as a bilingual secretary. With titles still gleaming French language and literature, he moved to the headquarters of Amnesty International in London to conduct a research on human rights abuses in Francophone Africa.

After this brief training period he began working as a secretary, but soon discovered that the order and routine did not go with her. Several frustrating experiences in different companies, together with the sad demise of his mother, suffering from multiple sclerosis, took leave everything at twenty-six and leave the country with the intention of teaching English abroad.

In Lisbon he enjoyed teaching their native language to Portuguese students and had enough time to write, his true vocation. There he met and fell in love with Jorge Arantes, a journalist from Portuguese television with whom he married in October 1992 and who, a year later, he had a daughter he called Jessica "in honor of a British brigade which had he fought in the Spanish civil war ', as stated in an interview.  

Despite the happy event, the marriage was unsuccessful and soon ended in divorce.

Mother of a small and lonely girl in a foreign country, in 1996 Joanne decided to return to Britain and settled in the Scottish city of Edinburgh, near her sister Dianne, where he arrived with the intention to finish and publish a novel about a as Harry Potter, child character with magical powers, whose adventures had imagined quite a while back for an endless train journey between Manchester and London.


The tenacious French teacher spent many evenings of his life writing "for itself" in a warm coffee next to a small unheated apartment in which malvivía with her daughter. Finally, the indefatigable novelist won a grant from the Scottish Arts Council that allowed him to conclude, five years after started, which then was the work of his life: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.


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The Slytherin House, characterized primarily by greed and cunning. 
It was founded by the Wizard Salazar Slytherin. 
The common room of this house is located in the dungeons, going through a series of numerous underground corridors.
Possibly you access them through the lobby Hogwarts. 
Specifically it is located under the Black Lake, making the common room is cold, with a greenish hue as there are windows overlooking the water. 
Accessed by a highly concealed door in a stone wall, saying a required password. 
The only known is "Thoroughbred". 
The representative animal is the snake, and the element is water associated with the cunning and coldness.


Ravenclaw House is located in a tower in the west wing of the castle. 
Their colors are blue and bronze.
Ravenclaw students seeking academics, scholars and always know what to do. It was founded by the witch born in Canada, Rowena Ravenclaw. 
Supposedly the main inventor of the name, location and format Hogwarts. 
The house symbol is the eagle, though in different versions of the shield has an eagle or a crow.


Hufflepuff House is located in a warehouse in the same underground corridor in the kitchen. 
Hufflepuff looking loyal, noble, kind students, among other features.

The founder is none other than the witch, lifelong friend of Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff. Helga was a noble, friendly and the driving force behind Hogwarts students accepted Muggleborns witch. 
The house symbol is a black badger and their representative colors are yellow and black.


The Gryffindor House was founded by the famous magician Godric Gryffindor. 
Godric only accepted at home to those wizards and witches who had courage, willingness, courage, since these are the qualities of a true Gryffindor. 
The colors of this house are gold and scarlet and its symbol is a lion. 
The most precious relic of the house is the sword of Godric Gryffindor, belonging, as its name says, Godric Gryffindor. 

Students in this house spend most of the time in Gryffindor Tower, located on the seventh floor of Hogwarts Castle.